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Classy with an edge.

 It can be diffcult to stand out in a sea of black bikes. It took a little concentrated creativity to really pull it off.  I have noticed in the great builders / artists of our time it tends to be a combination of little details that compliment eachother and make the bike as a whole stand out. In this case the combination of satin and gloss as well as textured black helps add an element of depth.  The handle bar wiring hidden from site seems to showcase the Motion Pro Steel Braided Cables. Then there is the titanium exhaust wrap, brown La Rosa seat and bronze Iron Thrills tank badge that pulls it all together.  I take alot of pride in what I do but from a humble prospective so nothing feels better than when you pull up to your local bike night and find yourself surrounded by onlookers and positive feedback.  If you are like me and want to stand out in a more subtle way this is the bobber for you.


Donor: xvs650

Handle Bars: 12" Ape Hanger

Grips: Coke Bottle Rubber Black

Tires: Shinko 777 Wide White Wall

Wheels: Powder Coated (Black Jack)

Taillight: Side Mount Grill Style

Seat: La Rosa Design Brown with 3" Springs

Tank: Stock 

Paint: Black

Rear Fender: Custom Strutless Fender

Intake: Stock 

Exhaust: 2" Slash Cut w/Titanium Wrap


Engine size: 650cc or 1100cc

Paint: (Solid Tone) Your Choice

Exhaust: Fishtail or Retro Bell Tip

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