Hand Made Bobber Kit for VStar XVS650 All years and Models
There is great sense of pride that can be found in turning your own wrench so I developed this patent pending bobber kit to be something that could be incredibly easy to install. I personally fabricate each one and use very heavy duty 1/4" thick steel for the base pan and brackets as well as a whopping 13 guage steel hand spun rear fender.  Then it gets finish primered and painted with single stage automotive grade satin black paint. So this kit does not require any additional supports in the way of fender struts.  Included in this kit is a rigid solid steel strut which can be installed in place of the rear shock. This gives your bobber that traditional rigid stance. Installation of the entire kit takes around 20min with the correct tools which consist of a basic metric set of ratchets and or wrenches and allen keys.
I really pride myself on the flow and proportionate look of my builds so it was important to me that this kit follow suit. So you will notice that the seat is positioned nicely between the tank and fender.  Quality, Design and Ease of Installation were my objectives in the design of this kit.  Though its a bit pricier than the other kits available on the market currently there is far more value to be found in this handmade bobber kit.
Each bobber kit is made to order so turn around time can vary and designed to be best used with the Shinko 777 170/80-15 rear tire however should work well with most stock size tires. 

Hand Made Bobber Kit for VStar XVS650 All years and Models