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Fuel The Obsession Tee

At 19 years old I was staring down the barrel of a lucrative life long career doing the 9-5 thing.  Unfortunately there were no real freedoms in it had nothing to do with motorcycles so after some contemplation I called it quits and got the tank of my bike at the time tatoo'd to my right forearm with the words Fuel The Obsession.  I vowed not to travel down any path that wasnt moving me closer to what I was passionate about.   I am much older and a little wiser these days and its been a challenging road to get to where I am now and I am a long way from being as prosperous or secure as I would have been had I stayed at that 9-5 but I truly think I made the right decision.  I believe we all have a moral obligation to do our best at our jobs or careers but you cant do your best if you arent doing something that excites and inspires you. So for all that share this perspective this is the shirt for you!



Fuel The Obsession Tee

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