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Paint & Powder Coat

Professional & Reliable Service

 After pouring your heart and soul not to mention your hard earned money into building your bike, all you want is that quality finish. Like icing on the cake it tells everyone that you take pride in what you create. Unfortunately, finding a painter who shares that same level of pride can be a difficult task. Often they seem sincere but when they realize the complexity and challenge in painting motorcycle components they often lose interest.  We are all too familier with this scenario as it was a long road to find a company that delivers what they promise.  Let our trial and error pay off for you. 
  We have been working with Joe & Joey a father son team from Expert Auto Body here in Lehigh Acres for close to 3 years now.  They consistantly go above and beyond on every build which explains why they have been in business for over 20 Years.  We are so greatful to find a company that shares our passion to produce a quality finish.  Here is their number if you would prefer to deal with them directly (239) 368-6151 be sure to ask for Joe.  


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powder coating

When you need your metal components to have a durable and long lasting finish Powder Coating is the way to go.  Wheels, fork lowers and frames are among the most popular to be powder coated. Most powder coating companies work with factories and manufacturers for bulk orders making it costly for them to stop production to powder coat a set of motorcycle wheels or a series of small components.  This usually means "if" they agree to coat your parts its either extremely expensive or rushed and customer service or concern over quality is non existant.  Its this experience that led Iron Thrills Motorcycle Co. into the business of powder coating.  We only provide this service for motorcycles and hold customer service at the highest regard.
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