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a person with no permanent home or regular occupation; also :  one who stirs up trouble.

 I thought this was an ideal name for a retro styled bobber which is unable to call today nor days past the home for its inspiration.  Stirring up trouble in the moto-universe by enraging the so called "Purist" with a vintage style that also happens to actually be dependable.  It ultimately took a year of dedicated research and development before we achieved this look without any significant modifications to the drive train, frame, electrical system and engine.  But why would you want a custom motorcycle to be "less" modified you ask?  To make it as dependable, serviceable and ultimately as rideable as possible.  There is not much that I could possibly modify on these motorcycles that would be an improvement on what the original Japanese engineers created.  Not to mention the support aspect.  I can assure you that my customer in Hollister, Idaho does not want to send his bobber the 2600 miles back to Florida for its 4000 mile service.  Instead he travels twenty minutes to his local Yamaha dealer and gets it serviced locally.


Donor: xvs650

Handle Bars: Standard

Grips: Coke Bottle Rubber Black

Tires: Vintage

Wheels: Stock Spoke Chrome

Taillight: Side Mount Grill Style

Seat: La Rosa Design Brown with 3" Springs

Tank: Stock 

Paint: Almond Green

Rear Fender: Custom 7" Strutless Fender

Intake: Stock 

Exhaust: Bell Tip w/ High-Temp Wrap 


Engine size: 650cc or 1100cc

Paint: (Solid Tone) Your Choice

Exhaust: Fishtail or Retro Bell Tip

Midnight package: Blacked-out engine, front forks and triple tree

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