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  New for Iron Thrills Motorcycle Company is an opposing cylinder build. Once upon a time I was convinced that Honda was the only way to go when it comes to reliable well engineered vintage motorcycles.  Boy was I wrong. This build came to me in the form of a phone call by Gabrielle. She informed me that she was getting married in a month and wanted to give her future husband the suprise of a lifetime securing her place in the "best wife ever" hall of fame.  She referred me the her fiance's Pinterest where he had a collection of his favorite cafe/brat/scrambler pictures.  Low and behold no Honda's only BMW's.  So in an effort to not dissappoint I found myself emmersed in BMW information reaching out to all of my contacts and learning as much as I possibly could.  Alast it was a match made in heaven.. I mean not only Gabrielle and Justin but Iron Thrills and BMW Motorrad.  I thoroughly enjoyed this build and I am looking forward to the many more in our future.  Notice the highly personalized attributes i.e. The Union Jack Flag found subtley in the tank graphics and Justin's autograph stitched into the seat.  You can expect the same level of personalization in your Black Jack Build or any other Iron Thrills build for that matter.


Donor: 1987 BMW R80RT

Handle Bars: Offroad

Grips: Rubber Diamond Pattern

Tires: Continental

Wheels:  Black Powder Coat w/ Sanded Spoke

Taillight: LED with built in signals

Seat: Handcrafted Leather Diamond Stitch

Tank: Stock 

Paint: High Gloss Black With Wheel Matching Graphic Design 

Intake: Stock 

Exhaust: Big Gun Muffler w/ High-Temp Wrap

Suspension: Progressive Springs and Shock



Engine size: 800cc or 1000cc

Paint: Base Color of Your Choice

Exhaust: Wrapped or new Stainless Headers

Seat: Staight or Diamond Stitch

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